A Pan African Ministerial Conference Reform, Innovation and Modernization of Public Services and State Institutions to Support the Transformation of African States into Emerging Countries
Pan African Conference on the Role and Place of University in Africa of the 21st Century:
Seminar on New Strategies for Social Negotiations and Partnership with Stakeholders
Seminar on Decentralization, Local Governance and Poverty Alleviation
Pan African Forum of Modernization of Public Administration and State Institutions
Theme: The moralization of African Public Sector
How to conduct successfully strategic and complex negotiations so as to promote
the development of Africa in the 21st century
Pan African Forum of Directors General of National Schools of Public Administration,
Departments of Administrative and Social Sciences Centres for Strategic and Prospective Studies and Institutions of Governance and Public Policies
17-18 /02/2011
Faciliter les activités entrepreneuriales et les investissements en Afrique grâce à la transparence et à la simplification des procédures et à l’amélioration de la gouvernance administrative (French only)


Evaluation of programs and projects on innovation of public service and governance through performance and results based management (RBM)