Pan African conference of presidents of constitutional courts and similar institutions on strengthening the respect for rule of law and democracy through constitutional justice
Problematic of audit, control and evaluation of State institutions, social and economic policies in Africa
How to Implement the Vision of Becoming an Emerging Country by the Year 2025?
Strategies, capacities and challenges

8th Pan-African Forum on the Modernization of Public Service and State Institutions

Topic: Towards New Strategies of Public Sector Reform and Modernization: Innovative Transformation of Administration, Governance and the State with a view to achieving the Status of Emerging Countries by the Year 2025


The Governance of National Security: Challenges and Prospects New Strategies to Address Growing Security Threats in Africa and Support the Development Process

Problematic of Elections in Africa: How to master the electoral process? Enhancing Electoral Capacity in Africa A High Level Seminar

Place and Role of Women in the Emergence Process of the African Countries